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Reiki healing is used to balance and heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system for stress relief and relaxation. Reiki is a form of energy medicine and is administered by “laying on hands”. Reiki’s utter simplicity yet powerful results are the main reasons why many people are attracted towards this healing method. It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s.

What is Reiki


The word Reiki is made of two words – “Rei” means spiritually guided and “Ki” means life force energy. Therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy. It does not take years of practice. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student in the process called Attunement. As soon as this happens, one has Reiki and can use it. Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability.

Reiki is neither a kind of massage nor a meditation technique. However, it helps improve meditative states and mindfulness. It helps you get in touch with your higher self and unlocks your natural healing ability.

Reiki works with the life force energy and helps you channel it to bring more harmony in different areas of life. This is why it not only heals the physical body but also the mind, emotions, relationships, finances etc.

Why Reiki

Energy healing works with the life force energy present in all living beings. Any dis-ease and problem is a result of/results in obstruction or weakening of this life force energy. Healing techniques like Reiki work at restoring and balancing this life force. Healing energy flows from the universe, through the healer to the individual to heal every aspect of his/her life and being. The energy can be used to heal and balance anything in the past or the present and can be sent to any situation that will occur in the future, to ensure the best results possible. When an area of life is healed, the altered energy will bring about a positive change in all other aspects of your life.

Our body is made of energy and we have seven major energy centers called the Chakras.

“Our body consists of 7 energy centres commonly called the chakras. The energy in these energy centres is rotating, hence the name chakras. These chakras are responsible for proper functioning of the body. Our thoughts and feelings are stored in these energy centres. Positive thoughts keep the energy levels up whereas negative thoughts and feelings like anger, stress, fear, jealousy etc. block the chakras and hinder their working. This manifests in the physical body in the form of dis- eases like back pains, headaches, any sort of aches in the body, hormonal imbalance and even some severe forms of problems like cancer. This is precisely why it is said ‘THINK POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE’. Healing can help release these blocks by using the life force energies present all around. Healers are channels for the life force energies which flow through the healer into your body to heal your whole being. Different healing modalities are like various medicines for different diseases. They can also be combined if need be for holistic healing.”

-Meetu Sehgal

Reiki stimulates the energy system, removes negative energy, unlocks the body’s natural healing abilities, maintains health and wellness. It is beneficial in many ways.

Reiki helps in the following ways.

  • Relieves stress & amplifies vitality
  • Increases Energy levels
  • Works on the cause of the problem by healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Induces a deep level of relaxation for the benefit of wellness
  • Reactivates the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Compliments traditional medical treatments
  • Can be applied to humans, plants and animals
  • Effective for pain management
  • Safe and appropriate for all ages
  • Promotes a sense of well-being​

About the Reiki Workshops

Reiki is taught in three levels. Level I focuses on self-healing and introduces the concept of Reiki, hand positions and the Chakras. The truth is you cannot serve from an empty cup. Therefore healing self is a must before and along with healing others. Level II takes you deeper into Reiki with emotional and mental healing, distance healing and practising on others. Level III is the Masters level where you become Reiki and learn to attune others besides going into more advanced concepts of healing.

The best thing about Reiki is you can heal yourself as effectively as you can heal others.

Reiki Level I

Contents of the Reiki Level 1 Workshop are:

  • What is Reiki & How it Works
  • The Five Principles Of Reiki
  • The Detailed History Of Reiki
  • Learn about Chakras and aura
  • Experience and understand life-force energy
  • Hand Positions for Reiki Healing
  • Reiki practice
  • Meditations
  • Level 1 Attunement

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level II is the practitioner level where you learn to heal others, use symbols and affirmations with Reiki. 

Contents of the Reiki Level 2 Workshop are:

  • Three Reiki symbols to enhance the power and quality of Reiki
  • Emotional/mental healing to improve your peace of mind, concentration, release unwanted habits and attitudes, heal your emotions and emotional pain
  • Distance healing
  • Healing the past and future
  • Aura scanning
  • Aura cleansing
  • Giving healing to others in a protected manner
  • Protection and Grounding
  • Meditations
  • Reiki level 2 attunement
  • Using Reiki to achieve goals and empower affirmations and much more​

Reiki Level III

The 2-day Reiki Level III (Master) workshop takes your Reiki practice to the next level, learn new skills and advanced meditations and be able to teach others. You will learn:

  • Master symbols
  • Psychic surgery
  • Advanced meditations
  • Crystal grids
  • Intuitive method of healing
  • Attunement processes for Reiki 
  • and much more…

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